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About UAM Ι Faculties

The Faculties of the University of Applied Management

With the Faculties of Business Administration, Sports Management, Business Psychology and Key Qualifications, the University of Applied Management addresses trendsetting topics in growing sectors of the economy.

The professors distinguish themselves through their scientific expertise resulting from relevant practical experience. In addition, our academically and professionally qualified faculty provides students with the connection between science and practice. This is then implemented in the development of study programmes, as well as in the application-oriented research done within the faculties. The faculties of the University of Applied Management possess current knowledge of the work environment and theoretical basic research. In these ways, they provide students with versatile, interesting, and engaging studies that have future relevance and application.

Faculty of
Business Adminstration
Faculty for
Sports Management
Faculty for
Business Psychology
Faculty for
Key Qualifications
Prof. Dr.
Britta Salander
Prof. Dr.
Thomas Apitzsch
Prof. Dr.
Jutta Heller
Prof. Dr.
Joel Schmidt