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About UAM Ι Partner Institutions

Institutes: Our research and teaching institutions

IUNWorld institutes collaborate with businesses, public institutions, societies, and associations in various sectors of business and industry to offer students and its partners:

  • Scientifically-based, practice-oriented, practical advice and coaching
  • Research study design and management
  • Training opportunities that are tailored to individual requirements, including their design and implementation
  • Conferences
  • Special events


Pooling the knowledge and resources of experts from academia and industry enables the institutes to offer customized, application-oriented research opportunities, and to conceptualize and implement market-oriented training in the specific areas. The IUN institutions were established by the various faculties of the University of Applied Management in order to consistently continue the university’s practice- and application-oriented study approach, while carrying this approach forward in respective specialist fields. In this manner, our expert instructors can deal in detail with their individual subject areas and thus provide students with up-to-date information in their fields.



Partner Institutes
Institute of educational research
Institute of Football Management                                      
Institute of Entrepreneurship
Institute of Trade Management
Institut für Information & Supply Chain Management
Institute of Media Management and Online Marketing
Institute of Music and Cultural Management
Institute of Online Communication
Institute of Public Management
Institute of Wagering and Gambling
Institute of Winter Sports