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About UAM Ι Quality Management

Quality Management Concept

A quality management concept in teaching, research and administration

The expectations of our students, staff and corporate partners are high – justifiably. In order to meet those expectations and to guarantee more transparency of both internal and external processes at the UAM, the department of quality & accreditation management was founded in 2013. By this, we aim to steadily increase and maintain satisfaction on behalf of all people who are involved with our university.

However, it is important to mention that quality management is a voluntary matter that can only be realized through active participation and integration of all university members as they are the ones to fill this space. In this context, the claim “It´s quality that brings people together” means that both our members´ interests and their skills are taken into consideration and serve the public good which is guaranteed through quality assurance methods that are based on continuing exchange as well as teamwork.

The purpose of the UAM´s quality management is manifold and thus, in the following we will introduce you to the main and most important arguments to outline our QM-system´s efficiency.

Firstly, the UAM´s quality concept ensures constant improvement and efficient use of all available resources with regard to all processes through unified standards that also help to keep failures at a minimum.

Secondly, efficient quality management can be defined by its ability to create an information flow that is thoroughly transparent and fosters communication among members. By this, all actions are getting more efficient thanks to an improved time as well as planning management. As a result, issues related to competence become easy to predict and can be tackled in a more efficient way.

Overall, quality management at the UAM should be regarded as a cross-cutting issue that oversees all sectors. Its structure is linked to four important aspects: development, performance, documentation and communication.


Mit Beschluss vom 11. September 2015 wurde die Hochschule für angewandtes Management für 6 Jahre und ohne Auflagen systemakkreditiert. Das Gutachten ist Initiates file downloadhier abrufbar.