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Student Services Office

The Student Services Office team assists you in all matters related to your studies. Be it an initial consultation concerning the choice of study, or questions about funding opportunities, we are there for you and for all of your study-related questions. A competent, academically trained team will be at your service for information and counseling interviews. We take care of you before you begin your studies, accompany you during your studies, and show you possibilities for your life after graduation.

Study Coaching: Personal support for your successful graduation

With specific contact persons for both bachelor students and master students, our academic advising offers a special service that is specifically targeted to our students and their concerns.

Prior to matriculation - In our role as academic advisors, we give you advice on all questions regarding choosing a degree program.

During your studies at UAM - After enrollment, students can contact us with personal concerns of any kind. Furthermore, we are there for any and all organizational questions you may have about studying at the university. Furthermore, the individual degree program can be discussed at any time in a private advising session. The relevant examination regulations, as well as the individual means of academic progress are designed according to a clear study schedule that is regularly adapted according to current situations. This “academic check-up” provides the basis for the proper course of your studies and is thus explicitly recommended once per semester. If, contrary to expectations, your course of studies does not develop as planned, our consultants are the ones to call. Be it an exam failed on the first attempt, or a final paper that was not been submitted on time, we will decipher and explain the legal consequences, and help you understand your options for adjusting your course of studies. In addition, changes in personal and professional life may require a need-based design for your academic training. We are also at your service in this context, and will discuss your possible solutions, for example a leave of absence, a reduced workload per semester, or a shift into a part-time study program.

UAM’s Goal: Successful Graduates

Because of the high level of support provided by the university, large numbers of students successfully complete their studies. At UAM, we measure our success in student satisfaction and in the professional success of our graduates.