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Study Formats


Below you can find the formats in which UAM students can complete all university degree programs.

Extra-occupational study

Extra-occupational study is something that complements full-time employment. In particular it is regarded as self-study with accompanying seminars that the student takes. The main difference between extra-occupational study and regular distance learning lies in a contribution on behalf of the company that the student works for (e.g. leaving time for the attendance phase or provision of work equipment).

Dual Study Programs

A study in the dual system combines university studies with elements of professional training or professional practice. Unlike the part-time study, professional or vocational elements are an integral part of this format. This ranges from industrial placements which are integrated into the study, to a fully completed vocational training which is completed simultaneously with the course of studies.

Integrated Vocational Studies

Integrating vocational study programmes aim at students with completed vocational training and work experience. Access is also possible without a higher education entrance qualification / a university of applied sciences entry qualification, and the study programme is combined with part-time work which is subject-related for the relevant course.

Part-time Study

Part-time study offers students the possibility to take a course with a time expenditure of 50% compared to the usual/regular timetable. Unlike the cooperative study programme, there are no set conditions on how to spend the remaining time.


Full-time Study

In the context of a full-time study, it is assumed that students concentrate fully on their course of studies and are able to attend lectures, seminars and events at all times. In the context of a full-time study, the standard period of study in a bachelor's degree programme is six to eight semesters, and in a master's degree programme two to four semesters.

Module Study

As part of the so-called modular studies, you have the opportunity to attend individual modules of bachelor and master degree programmes and conclude them with an examination. The aim is to offer you flexibility when it comes to entering your preferred course. In this way you will gain job-relevant academic skills without having to immediately complete a full-time study that brings with it regular duration periods. Since the modules are taken from an existing programme, you automatically purchase the appropriate number of credit points (ECTS) upon successful completion of the module examination. In general these credit points are recognized against the backdrop of a later accreditation for full-time study.