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Studies Ι Studying in a semi-virtual way

Studying in a semi-virtual way - UAM´s study concept

Vorteile & Chancen eines semi-virtuellen Studiums

Einleitend finden Sie die wichtigsten Vorteile eines virtuellen Fernstudiums mit Präsenzphasen auf einen Blick: 


  • Flexibilität: Orts- und zeitunabhängiges Studieren
  • Komfort: Ungestörtes Lernen in angenehmer Arbeitsatmosphäre
  • Effektivität: Hohe Lerneffekte aufgrund der einzigartigen Kombination verschiedener Lehrmethoden
  • Vereinbarkeit: Ideale Vereinbarkeit mit Beruf, dualem Studium, Freizeit und Familie
  • Praxisorientierung: Durch den frühzeitigen und konsequenten Theorie-Praxis-Transfer erlangen HAM-Studenten einen Wettbewerbsvorteil vor herkömmlichen Absolventen
  • Spaß: Freude am Arbeiten mit modernen Internettechnologien und multimedialen Studieninhalten

A Contemporary Form of Studying

We understand "studying" as an active and constructive process that takes the students seriously, so that their skills can come to the fore. Our study concept represents a learning culture based on self-organization in learning and aims at systematic competence orientation.

New technologies in the field of learning open up innovative ways of acquiring knowledge. Our semi-virtual study concept combines classroom and online phases and offers you a varied and positive learning experience through various forms of teaching. 

The partnership of motivated students and experienced teachers is the basis for acquiring meaningful key qualifications and work-related performance skills, next to expert knowledge.This enables you to make the crucial step from knowing to doing.


Therefore, our study design is especially suitable for students who want to learn autonomously, have fun working with modern technology and are looking for a challenging, competence-led training on a scientific level.