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Cooperative study programme

Being one step ahead

The cooperative study programme takes three years. During this period, you take the position as an apprentice, which means that while you are full-time employed at a company you study with us instead of attending a vocational school. In order to do so, you need to sign a training contract with the company you work for and a study contract with the UAM. During the training you will receive a monthly apprentice pay while the tuition fees are usually paid by your company.

As part of this dual course of study, practical phases are integrated (e.g. industrial placements) for the entire duration of the training. In the course of this special combination of professional activity, on-the-job training and academic studies, you will be able to build up an excellent skills profile: A university degree together with three years of relevant professional experience.

Once you have completed the cooperative study programme, excellent career prospects are ahead of you and the chances are also high for you to be offered permanent employment at your company.

The cooperative study programme – Advantages for companies


The cooperative study programme at the UAM provides numerous advantages, especially for our corporate partners. There is not only a chance for companies to recruit the best but also to benefit from their apprentice´s long lasting contribution towards their company´s success. Moreover, cooperative study programmes are also excellent recruiting tools to minimize expenses with regard to time and training and they also help avoid employing the wrong person.


When it comes to the companies´ operational planning, absence of students at the University of Applied Management remains low throughout the year thanks to the courses´ structure. Each semester during the attendance phase, students take 15 days off (3 different periods each lasting 5 days). While being completely integrated into corporate projects, students are able to immediately put into practice what they have just learned. By this – experience has shown - learning outcomes are clearly improved. On account of the study programmes´ focus on practical experience there is no obligatory internship to be undertaken by the students. Thus, the duration of study amounts to a total of only three years which is a manageable period with regard to the companies´ investment as well as the students´ double burden