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Educational Concept: A modern way to learn

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Educational Concept: A modern way to learn

Learning at UAM is an active and constructive process, and we take our students‘ needs seriously, putting their skill development at the forefront. Our educational concept represents a learning culture based on self-organized learning with expert guidance to provide a holistic approach to gaining competences.

New technologies in the field of learning open up innovative ways of acquiring knowledge. Our semi-virtual learning concept combines both onsite and online learning phases, offering you a varied and positive learning experience through a wide range of teaching tools and learning activities.

The partnership of motivated students with experienced teachers is the basis for acquiring meaningful core competencies, career oriented skills and expert industry knowledge. This enables you to make the seamless transition from knowing to doing.

The learning experience at UAM is perfect for students who want to learn autonomously, enjoy using modern technology and are looking for challenging, career-driven education with high academic standards.

This is how our concept works: At specific times during the semester you will have the opportunity to attend seminars and classes on campus. These seminars are connected to the modules in your selected program. Onsite phases are essential to the semi-virtual learning concept, and there are a few different models in operation at HAM campus locations.

The 3-phase model combines online learning with 3 onsite phases, each lasting 5 days (Mo-Fr), for a total of 15 learning days on campus. An example is provided below.

At our locations in Hamburg, Vienna and Schaffhausen, a 5-phase model is offered which combines online learning with five onsite phases, each lasting two days. An example is provided below.

The onsite sessions provide the interaction needed to develop your personal, social and team competences, and are better suited for complex topics such as mathematics and research methods. Here you can learn from our professors and experts from industry and fields of practice, meet new friends who are also in your program, and form learning groups for more effective studying online. You can participate in extra workshops and information sessions, and enjoy the experience of campus life.

All students are provided access to the UAM learning platform upon enrolment. This will be your main source for online communication and information during the virtual learning phases, including student services, examinations office, and your selected program and module content. The modules include innovative learning materials and activities such as videos, podcasts and conferencing).

You can access the platform anywhere with an internet connection: at home, at work or on the road.

Study formats

Choose a study format that fits your lifestyle. UAM offers a variety of different study formats, making it easier to balance with other important commitments. An overview of the various formats is provided below. For a detailed listing of our Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree programs in Management, please visit https://res.fham.de/en/study-programs/

In full-time study, students are expected to devote time to their studies and attend lectures, seminars and events at any time. The standard period of study for Bachelor’s programs is six to eight semesters, and for Master’s programs, two to four semesters.

Part-time study enables students to complete a degree program with a reduced workload per semester (50% of the usual workload). There are no conditions for the use of the rest of the student’s time, as is the case when studying in the cooperative system.

A cooperative format combines university studies with elements of professional practice. The periods of professional practice required by the University (such as the Internship Semester) are extended over the full duration of the program and completed in parallel. Students choosing this format are employed at the same company during the entire degree program. The content learned during the program can be directly applied at work.

Work and Study
This format combines full-time university studies with employment. The difference to normal distance learning is that the company, in which the student is employed, makes a specific contribution to the student during their studies (e.g. by providing timeoff work for the onsite phases or provision of work equipment).

Module Study
The module study format targets students who are interested in completing only specific modules within Bachelor’s or Master’s degree programs. It is also helpful for students who cannot complete an entire program due to time constraints. Modules can be selected depending on the needs of each individual student. In this way a degree program can be completed in several stages at the student’s own pace.