University campus

The Deutschlandweit Standorte der Hochschule für angewandtes ManagementUniversity of Applied Management (UAM) is the largest private university in Bavaria, with headquarters in Ismaning near Munich. Further study centres are present in the German capital Berlin, in Unna near Dortmund, in Hamburg, in Neumarkt, in Treuchtlingen near Nuremberg and Vienna (Austria).

Campuses in Frankfurt and Mannheim have also been added in Winter Semester 2020/21.

Our numerous locations allow you to participate in our training programs throughout Germany amd beyond. With our innovative study concept, you can even study flexibly at different locations.

Our university network also extends internationally. The University of Applied Management therefore offers a variety of opportunities, e.g. a semester abroad at our partner universities in Canada and Scotland, or following an internship abroad in Europe.